Yumary: Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat

Yumary: Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat is Indonesian Academic Journal focusing on publishing scientific works related to community services, including current topics and issues based on service activities done by the authors. This aims to significantly contribute to improve the prosperity of Indonesian society.

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Yumary: Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat is Indonesian Academic Journal focusing on publishing scientific works related to community services, including current topics and issues based on service activities done by the authors. This aims to significantly contribute to improve the prosperity of Indonesian society.



Pemberdayaan UKM Jamaah Masjid berbasis Digital Marketing di Desa Tlogoadi Kecamatan Mlati Kabupaten Sleman

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to present a community service that aims to empower SMEs during the Covid-19 pandemic through digital marketing. Method: The method used in this community service is Focus Group Discussion, consultation, and practice. Result: Community empowerment about digital marketing has been able to provide knowledge and practices related to online marketing innovations for SMEs, so that it can become a discourse for SMEs to sell their products online. SMEs know the benefits and are able to apply several techniques and supporting tools in digital marketing and understand the concepts of Islamic economics. The artifacts produced from this community service are in the form of social media accounts that are in accordance with digital marketing principles. Conclusion: The synergy framework between SMEs and a supporting team consisting of young people who are active in mosques, is important, because SMEs will be more optimal in utilizing digital marketing in selling online. The program carried out with the Takmir institution has a positive impact as a solution to the problems of SMEs during the pandemic. Thus the mosque is no longer only used as a place of worship, but also as a center for community economic growth.

Pelatihan Penyusunan Laporan Keuangan Terhadap Wirausaha UMKM di Tegal Alur, Jakarta Barat

Purpose: To improve financial management in entrepreneurship for MSME entrepreneurs, especially in the preparation of financial reports (covering the meaning, objectives, benefits, types, and components in financial reports) and to increase and understanding of knowledge in preparing financial reports. Method: The method used are counselling and training about preparing the financial reports for MSME entrepreneurs located in the Tegal Alur Village area. This activity was carried out in collaboration with the Faculty of Economics and Business, Trisakti University with MSMEs in the Tegal Alur Village Area, Kalideres District, West Jakarta. Result: This training has been carried out well and successfully on April 14, 2022 via online. The results achieved by the participants are: (1) Participants have understood the importance of business financial reports and their benefits, (2) Participants have understood with the components in each financial report, and (3) Participants have known examples of good financial reports. Conclusion: Although most of the participants have made financial reports, so far they are not sure whether their reports are in accordance with applicable accounting rules and reporting standards. The resulting financial reports are still limited to reports showing the profit or loss of business activities. Participants still need guidance and assistance in preparing financial reports, especially statements of financial position and notes to financial statements in accordance with SAK EMKM.

Pengembangan Usaha Ekonomi Produktif dan Manajemen Usaha pada Kelompok Dasawisma Kelurahan Krobokan Semarang

Purpose : This community service aims to develop productive economic businesses by utilizing the natural potential of the surrounding environment to open up business opportunities by empowering and re-activating the main tasks of the PKK, especially in the dasawisma group. Method : The implementation of this community service uses counseling and training methods for creative economy development and business management in the dasawisma group of Krobokan Village which is carried out offline and data collection through questionnaires.  Result :  The results of this community service show that counseling and training for the dasawisma group of Krobokan Village, both those who already have a business and housewives who are able to provide business management knowledge and develop creative economic businesses by utilizing the potential of the natural surroundings so that they are able to develop sustainable businesses.  Limitation : The application of good business management is very much needed in developing creative economy businesses for the Dasawisma group who want to start a business, so a simple and gradual method of delivering business management is needed to make it easier to implement.  Research Contribution : This training is expected to be a reference in the application of academic knowledge to the general public, especially in the field of management science

Pengenalan Pembangkit Listrik Skala Pikohidro Model Kanal ditempatkan pada Saluran Irigasi Kapasitas 300 Watt

Purpose: The potential of alternative energy that is quite realistic can be used as one of the studies in new and renewable energy. such as the flow of irrigation water and solar energy that is always there, in the territory of Indonesia. The purpose of community service, namely the introduction of hybrid pico-hydro, is used for street lights, around the neighborhood.  Method: This community service, utilizing irrigation flows to create a small-scale power generation system is named (pico-hydro). To increase the output power capacity, a hybrid system is made, namely picohydro (Ph) and solar panels so that charging the battery is faster so that the power is greater.  Limitation: The picohydro generator, equipped with a water canals, aims to raise the water level and focus the flow into the mill. Result: The test results on pico-hydro generate a voltage on a DC generator of 13.2V and a current of 2.3A. While the solar panel generates an output voltage of 13.43V and a current of 2.23A.  Contribution: The conclusion is that the higher the rotation of the waterwheel, the voltage and current of the generator will follow up. As well as  solar panels the getting hotter,  the sun's light increases, the voltage and current increase.

Pemberdayaan Masyarakat UMKM Sulawesi dalam Implementasi Digitalisasi UMKM

Purpose: The aim of this service is to convert the conventional UMKM into digital UMKM in order to upgrading the marketing method of UMKM so that they can operate their business efficiently as well as increase their income from this business. Method: The community service team of Hasanuddin University role is to form a digitalize marketing method for these UMKM by design a business website. The Hesamuddin University team design a business website with PHP, Java Script, CSS language using Visual Studio Code software. In addition, the community service team of Hasanuddin University also has conducted socialization and training for public and partners. Result: The result of this project is successfully launching the business website as well as expand their market nationally and increase their income gradually from this business. So that, this community service activity, has gradually transform the UMKM society particularly the partner into UMKM digital society.