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Pendampingan Masyarakat di Kampung Salak, Kota Sorong: Pelatihan Teknik Pembenihan Ikan Lele Secara Buatan

Purpose: This community service aimed to improve skills and provide knowledge about catfish artificial spawning techniques in aquaculture at Salak village. Method: The activity was carried out with an interactive method, preceded by a survey of aquaculture location, material provision, accompanied by questions and answers as a problem solver related to catfish artificial spawning techniques and direct practical assistance on artificial spawning techniques. Result: Artificial spawning techniques of catfish result in a faster ovulation process, namely hatching occurs within 18-24 hours so that the availability of seeds is always fulfilled.        Conclusions: Training on artificial spawning techniques of catfish provides knowledge to the farmer community about producing catfish seeds quickly to meet consumer demand.
Ernawati, Mohammad Sayuti, Kadarusman, Intanurfehmi B. Hismayasari, Iman Supriatna, Agung Setia Abadi

Pengembangan Kemasan Zero Plastic serta Label Sehat-Halal Produk Tahu dan Tempe

Purpose: Home industry of tahu and tempe products plays a role in developing economic growth, especially in Bandarlampung City, Indonesia. However, its non-degradable plastic packaging creates harmful environmental effects. In line with this, certified halal-healthy labeling required by Muslim consumers. Therefore, this community service aimed to help the tahu and tempe entrepreneurs in Gunung Sulah Village, Bandarlampung city to know, be aware, and understand the role of zero plastics packaging and certified halal-healthy labeling through training and coaching program. Method: The method used is training and coaching, and then followed by monitoring and evaluation. Results: The results show that knowledge, awareness, and understanding insights of the tahu tempe entrepreneurs increase after joining the training and coaching programs. Conclusion: The entrepreneurs need the alternative zero plastic packagings and are aware that certified halal-healthy labeling is essential to show in the packaging so that the market extends to the modern market; consequently, market share and competitive advantage can improve.
Satria Bangsawan, Mahrinasari MS, Susilawati, Fitria Saftarina, Maristiana Ayu

Pelatihan kepada Masyarakat dalam Menjaga Makna Kearifan Lokal, Nilai Sejarah, dan Adat Khas Tradisional Masyarakat Melayu Peninggalan Kerajaan Sriwijaya

Purpose: This community service aimed to train generations to preserve the traditional house. Limas is one of the most famous houses among the traditional houses found in Palembang, famous for the patterns, shapes, and density of the art of carving in them along with the sparkling gold perado paint, which means glory and arrangement. Methods: The methods applied were lectures, direct practice, and interviews. Result: The role of government, students and students is crucial in preserving the historical value of the customs of the local community. Conclusion: The community still faces many obstacles that make the value of cultural diversity rarely socialized, even though this historical value is vital and does not exist in provinces outside Palembang.
Anggun Widiya, Lesi Hartati, Lilis Puspitawati, Rilla Gantino, Meifida Ilyas

Pelatihan Peningkatan Kualitas Produk dan Pemasaran Usaha Bubuk Biji Salak di Desa Sungai Langka, Kabupaten Pesawaran

Purpose: This activity aimed to increase the knowledge and skills of participants in improving the quality of salak seed powder drink products and increasing their marketing. This training is aimed at villagers who drive the salak seed powder business, namely the Dusun 5 Women Farmers Group (KWT), Sungai Langka Village, Gedong Tataan District, Pesawaran Regency, Lampung. Method: The service methods were carried out through surveys, training and mentoring and evaluation. Results: To increase its marketing, FEB Unila's staff have created more attractive product labels that attract more products to sell; besides, they also buy better sealer machines to improve the quality of product packaging. Conclusion: Product quality, production and sales and marketing of salak seed powder must be improved as a solution to the problem so that the villagers' economy will improve.
Kiagus Andi, Fitra Dharma, Rindu Rika Gamayuni

Optimalisasi Prestasi Akademis Berbasis Hipnosis

Purpose: Optimization of academic achievement based on Hypno-education aims to improve achievement using the hypnosis method, namely the subconscious power method. This methodology uses the power of suggestion to the theta waves in the student's subconscious mind. The achiever personality is inserted into the theta wave. The population of participants is students majoring in Management in Good Corporate Governance at the IPMI International Business School Campus of 72 schools. Students sit quietly in the lecture chair starting with fun things such as eye exercises, brain exercises, motoric movements and then calm with the aim of ice breaking, so that the atmosphere is conducive and not tense. Conducive conditions that are not tense will lead to a pleasant atmosphere so that the brain is open to being flexible when good suggestions are inserted. When the students are bowed down in a sleepy condition or half asleep and half awake, the next story is stimulated by theta music. This condition is the condition of the students' brains very ready for positive suggestions. The main objective is for students who are active in studying, do not receive lessons, and continuously return to the study table to pay more attention to their lessons. Method: This Community Service is the 10th time this activity has collected data on student achievement results before and after therapy. The data tabulation of the Mid-Semester Examination values (UTS) or Final Semester (UAS) before and after hypnosis therapy is an indica   tor that believes in hypno-education. Results: The results of student achievement increased sharply in their academic achievement
Dewi Puspaningtyas Faeni, Ratih Puspitaningtyas Faeni, Retno Fuji Oktaviani, Ravindra Safitra Hidayat, Rinny Meidiyustiani, Dendi Anggi Gumilang

Pelatihan Manajemen Komunikasi pada Badan Permusyawaratan Desa (BPD) dalam Meningkatkan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat

Purpose: The ability in planning communication, organizing messages, implementing and supervising members of the Village Community Empowerment Agency (BPD) is needed so that they are able to build synergies with the community and village heads for village development in Subang Regency. Method: To improve this ability, communication management training activities were carried out. The method was carried out through lectures and discussions.  Results: The results obtained were an increase in positive understanding related to communication management carried out in community empowerment and the satisfaction with the material presented. This is indicated by 92.3%, that the material presented provides benefits and new understanding in community empowerment. Conclusions: Through this training activity, members of the Village Community Empowerment Agency (BPD) are able to improve their abilities in planning communication and organizing messages in carrying out their duties as BPD members in the implementation and supervision of village development.
Dwinarko, Ari Sulistyanto, Aan Widodo, Saeful Mujab