Yumary: Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat

Yumary: Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat is Indonesian Academic Journal focusing on publishing scientific works related to community services, including current topics and issues based on service activities done by the authors. This aims to significantly contribute to improve the prosperity of Indonesian society.

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Yumary: Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat is Indonesian Academic Journal focusing on publishing scientific works related to community services, including current topics and issues based on service activities done by the authors. This aims to significantly contribute to improve the prosperity of Indonesian society.



Peningkatan Bumdes Berdasarkan Aspek Metodologi Melalui PKM

Purpose: The purpose of establishing BUMDesa is regulated in the Village Head Regulation, Regulation of the Minister of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia Number 4 of 2015 concerning the Establishment, Management, and Dissolution of BUMDes. Village-owned enterprises were established with the aim of accommodating all economic activities, public services handled by the village, and/or collaboration between villages. The aim of BUMDes is to enable long-term economic improvement in rural areas. Methodology/approach: The stages of community service activities begin with outreach to the target community in Lauwon village, East Luwuk District. The method of implementing the activity is the socialization of BUMDes organizational management and BUMDes management training. Results/findings: As managers and members of BUMDes in villages, the community has an important role in the growth and progress of its economy through BUMDes. The problem that occurs is that the BUMDes established in Lauwon Village are not developing well. There are many factors that cause this, including irregular management of the BUMDes organization and inconsistent management and administration, as well as a lack of understanding of the BUMDes management itself, so that the village's potential is difficult to implement. Lauwon Village is one of the villages in the East Luwuk District, Banggai Regency, which has a BUMDes, but the management is not in accordance with the expectations of the village government and the community. This is due to the integrity of institutional management, as well as the absence of Articles of Association (AD) and Bylaws (ART), infrastructure, and no mapping of village potential. Contribution: This service is expected to improve the ability of village officials to manage business entities owned by the village. Limitation: Focuses on maximizing financial profits and improving the welfare of village communities

Pelatihan Penyusunan LAKIP Berperspektif Gender di Pemerintah Kabupaten Lampung Tengah

Purpose: this activity aims to: (1). Optimizing the capacity of the district government apparatus group so that they have the knowledge to identify and compile development planning documents in each regional apparatus organization (OPD), (2). Increase the capacity of district government apparatus groups in identifying and compiling development planning documents in each regional apparatus organization (OPD). Methodology: Community service activities are carried out in the form of training with a theoretical pragmatic approach and a practical pragmatic approach. In the implementation phase, the main activities carried out are the delivery of materials, training, and practice. Results: From the results of the activity it is known that most of them gave an enthusiastic response and provided positive feedback by demonstrating their ability to compose development planning narratives with a gender perspective in the Central Lampung Regency environment. Conclusion: This activity is able to achieve the desired goals before.

Tradisi Muludan serta Implikasinya terhadap Kehidupan Sosial dan Keagamaan Perspektif Fenomenologi Edmund Husserl

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to describe the implementation of the muludan sholawatan tradition for 12 nights in the villages of Kaliwuluh, Kebakkramat, Karanganyar and its implications for the development of social and religious life from Edmund Husserl's point of view for the people of Kaliwuluh village. Methodology/approach: This research includes qualitative field research. then using observation and interview methods in obtaining data. Next, to analyze the data using data reduction techniques. the findings of this study indicate that the muludan tradition in Kliwuluh village is carried out by increasing remembrance and prayer for 12 consecutive nights. Judging from Edmund Husserl's phenomenological concept, the 12-night muludan tradition has implications for the social and religious development of the Kaliwuluh village community. Results/findings: Social development has implications for the value of sulaturrahmi and mutual cooperation (phenomenology and phenomenological reduction), the value of togetherness (awareness and Labenswelt), and the value of caring (eiditic and transcendental reduction). Then towards religious development it has implications for the value of mahabbah or love for God, the Prophet and the scholars (intentionality), the value of alms (apoche and eiditic reduction) and the value of tholabul 'ilmi or seeking religious knowledge (labenswelt).

Pentingnya Kesadaran Hukum Masyarakat untuk Meningkatkan Daya Saing Usaha Mikro, Kecil dan Menengah (UMKM) di Era Digital pada Kelurahan Sembulang Kecamatan Rempang Pulau Galang Kota Batam

Purpose: This study discusses the importance of public legal awareness to increase the competitiveness of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the digital era in Sembulang Village, Rempang District, Galang Island, Batam City. Methodology: Through a normative juridical approach, this study analyzes regulations and legal norms related to MSMEs. Using regulatory, historical, and comparative approaches, this study identifies the important role of these regulations in facilitating the growth of MSMEs in the digital era. Result: The results show that the Indonesian government has taken diverse and comprehensive actions to support the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the digital era. Through digital infrastructure policies, tax incentives, personal data protection, regulatory simplification, cooperation with technology companies, access to digital financing, and digital training, the government seeks to create a conducive environment for MSMEs to innovate and compete in the digital economy. With an inclusive approach and strong support, MSMEs have a greater opportunity to utilize digital technology, expand market reach, and contribute significantly to Indonesia's economic growth in this digital era. A deep understanding of the types of standard certificates.

Implementasi Manajemen Risiko Penularan Covid-19 terhadap Perawat Indonesia di Kuwait melalui Metode Bowtie

Purpose: The purpose of this service is to obtain an overview of the implementation of COVID-19 transmission risk management for Indonesian nurses working in Kuwait through the Bowtie method. Methodology: This research is quantitative in nature using a scientific approach to the implementation of risk management for the transmission of COVID-19 in Indonesian nurses working in Kuwait where these nurses work in various health services in Kuwait. This research was conducted using a descriptive analytic method using a cross-sectional study design. Result: The results of the study found that: 1) The application of risk management (risk control or mitigation) in handling COVID-19 in various health services in Kuwait such as the implementation of hospitalization for staff who were confirmed positive and the existence of a COVID-19 vaccination program had a significant effect on the transmission of COVID-19 -19 in Indonesian Nurses working in Kuwait. 2) The level of knowledge about the importance of preventing and transmitting COVID-19 to Indonesian nurses in Kuwait has a very significant influence on the transmission of COVID-19. 3) The level of compliance of Indonesian nurses with infection prevention control measures or health protocols has a significant effect on the transmission of COVID-19 in Indonesian nurses working in various health services in Kuwait.

Pengembangan Usaha Bumdes Jejama Usaha melalui Tiktok, Literasi Keuangan, dan Program Kerja

Purpose: Bumdes has a crucial role for village to increase the villager's wealthy.  Therefore, Indonesia's government encourage all parts to give their best can do to evolve the bumdes. The purpose of this service activity is to increase the knowledge and skills of trainees in branding positioning by using social media tiktok, financial literacy, and preparing work programs. Methodology: The methods which we use for transferring knowledge are persuasive methods and training. We considered these methods appropriate to overcome the problem that they have. Results: There was an increase in the participants' knowledge, understanding, and skills in branding positioning through tiktok media, financial literacy, and preparing work programs. This increase has had a positive impact on the progress of the Jejama Usaha BUMDES in its business activities. This activity also provides output in the form of links and tiktok content for culinary tourism in the village of bumdes jejama usaha. Conclusions: Training in branding positioning, financial literation, and work program can assist the business entities belonging to the village of Jejama Usaha to minimize the obstacles. Thus, village-owned enterprises can continue to progress and develop even better. Limitations: The implementation of this activity certainly has limitations, namely in terms of facilities and infrastructure. Disturbances in the LCD system certainly gave the team a few obstacles to deliver material in a timely manner. Thus, the disturbance resulted in a delay in the implementation of the next session's activities. The next limitation is that most of the participants present are at an age that is less adaptive to technology, which of course is a challenge for the team to assist in the use of digital technology such as tiktok. Contribution: This technology can help the BUMDes to increase their income.

Revitalisasi Kecakapan Literasi Informasi Pustakawan Sekolah Melalui Pelatihan Operator GScholar Advanced Search

Purpose: School librarians, although proficient in various search engines, often face challenges in effectively accessing and utilizing resources, particularly the members of the Lampung Province Indonesian School Library Staff Association (Asosiasi Tenaga Perpustakaan Sekolah Indonesia/ATPUSI). The core aim of this project is to enhance the efficient and productive use of global technology. Methodology: Google Scholar (GScholar) Advanced Search Operators Technology Training was introduced as a community service activity to boost ATPUSI members’ information literacy skills. This involved active participation in Focus Group Discussions and offering instructional resources on how to use Google Scholar technology effectively. The service was executed in July 2023, incorporating teaching methods, such as lectures, question-response interactions, and specific evaluation methodologies. To gauge the comprehension level, an evaluation was conducted using pre-set questionnaires in both pre-test and post-test formats. Results: The outcome of this service shows an improvement in the perception and efficiency of school librarians regarding the use of advanced search operators for information retrieval. In addition, there seems to be increased awareness and understanding of the significance of precise information in promoting the growth of information literacy skills among beneficiaries. Limitations: The training was tailored for ATPUSI members; therefore, generalizing the results to other school librarians or regions requires caution. Additionally, unmentioned factors such as librarians' technological infrastructure, prior experience with similar tools, and ongoing professional development could have affected the outcomes. Contributions: Community services improved the information literacy skills of ATPUSI members. This outcome is important because it shows the progress in information literacy in education. The training program equips librarians with access to and leverage reliable information sources effectively.

Increasing Young Entrepreneurs Through the WMP DISPORA Program

Peningkatan Wirausaha Muda Melalui Program WMP DISPORA

The aim of this service activity is to encourage economic growth in the Garut Regency community through young entrepreneurs in the fields of finance, education and training. The method used is the mentoring method. The Youth and Sports Service (Dispora) carries out entrepreneurial assistance activities by opening the Young Youth Entrepreneurship (WMP) program. Beginner Young Entrepreneurs (WMP) is a form of appreciation from the government to young people who are active in the business world, and have shown results and have the potential to develop. This WMP program provides opportunities for young entrepreneurs who have been running a business for at least three months who pass the business plan criteria and selection to receive assistance in the form of capital, education and soft skills training. Capital assistance can be in the form of money or goods, while to increase entrepreneurial knowledge capacity, one way is by holding soft skills training and WMP comparative studies. The result of this service activity is strengthening education and capital skills for young business actors in Garut Regency which encourages community economic growth through the WMP program. This WMP program contributes to the creation of new jobs, increases economic growth and is one component in supporting a healthy business environment and encouraging the vision of the Garut Regency government 2019-2024.

Efektivitas Aplikasi Tiktok sebagai Pelestari Tradisi Siraman dalam Pernikahan Adat Jawa di AKSARA Wedding Organizer

Purpose: The purpose of this study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of using TikTok in an effort to preserve the traditional Javanese wedding splash tradition by AKSARA Wedding Organizer . Methodology: This study used a qualitative method with data collection techniques in the form of in-depth interviews, observations, and documentation. The in-depth interviews were conducted with the management and staff of Aksara Wedding Organizer, as well as with couples who had used the TikTok application to preserve and disseminate the siraman tradition in their wedding. The observations were conducted during siraman ceremonies that used the TikTok application as a medium for preservation and dissemination. The documentation was collected in the form of TikTok videos of siraman ceremonies, as well as photos and videos from the Aksara Wedding Organizer archive. Results: The results of this study will provide insight into how far TikTok is effective in promoting and preserving the traditional Javanese wedding ceremony tradition and can serve as a guideline for AKSARA Wedding Organizers in using this social media platform for cultural preservation activities in the future. Conclusion: The results of this study suggest that the TikTok application can effectively preserve the Siraman tradition in Javanese traditional weddings. The participants who engaged with the application showed a significant increase in their knowledge and interest in the Siraman tradition. Aksara Wedding Organizer can use these findings to continue promoting and preserving traditional practices through digital platforms.

Metode Guru Sekolah Minggu dalam Pengajaran Doa-Doa Pokok terhadap Anak Minggu Gembira di Stasi ST. Yohanes Don Bosco Sukajulu Tiga Jumpa

Purpose:  This research aims to explore the methods used by Sunday School teachers to teach fundamental prayers to the children of Minggu Gembira at St. Yohanes Don Bosco Sukajulu Tiga Jupa. Methodology: This study adopted a qualitative approach using a single case study method. Data were collected through observation, interviews, and documentation. The findings reveal that the teaching methods employed by Sunday schoolteachers include the use of visual media, repetition, and real-life examples. Results: This study explored the effectiveness of The Sunday School teacher's method in teaching the main prayers to the children of Sunday Joy at St. John Don Bosco Sukajulu Tiga Jumpa Station. Results indicate that this method shows promise in enhancing children's understanding and retention of key prayers Limitations: The limitations include small sample size and limited generalizability to other settings. Further research is required to assess the long-term impact of this method on children's spiritual growth and development. Contribution: This study contributes to the development of teaching methods for fundamental prayers in Sunday Schools and provides insights into how Minggu Gembira children respond to teaching methods.

Pemberdayaan Kelompok Seni di Dusun Nitiprayan Bantul

Purpose: Service activities aim to help empower art groups through innovation and artistic creation. The target audience for the program is unproductive people, namely the Niti Budaya arts group in Nitiprayan hamlet, Ngestiharjo Village, Kasihan District, and Bantul Regency, which has 40 members. The problem experienced by partners is the lack of innovation and creativity in art groups, especially in dance, and the partners of these art groups are not yet well known to the wider community. Methodology: The partner's solution to the problem is to help the art studio conduct classical dance training in Sari Tunggal and Lambangsari and assist with digital marketing training. Apart from being attended by art groups, the training activities were also attended by local people who had an interest in the arts. Results: The results of the training program showed that the Niti Budaya arts group understood and mastered the classical dances, Sari Tunggal and Lambangsari, which were organized by the service team. The arts group's understanding of digital marketing has been demonstrated by promotional activities via social media and directly in the target market. With these activities, the arts groups increased in terms of understanding and well-being. Contribution: This activity will continue to be conducted to correct deficiencies and evaluate all activities. Limitations: This activity is beneficial for the community, especially the dance group in Nitiprayan.

Pelatihan, Produksi, Pemasaran Dodol Jagung Khas Paitana bagi Remaja dan Ibu Rumah Tangga di Jeneponto

Purpose: Training on corn dodol processing and simple household bookkeeping as an effort to provide added value to products so that they have more economic value to increase community income and welfare, especially for young women, young mothers, and housewives in Paitana Village. Corn harvest results with high nutritional content can be processed into typical Paitana dodol Research: This method includes the Activity Preparation Stage, Activity Implementation, Activity Evaluation and Reporting on program implementation. Carried out in the form of socialization, lectures, questions and answers and product manufacturing practices Results: The results of the activity show the support and desire of the community, especially young women, mothers, and housewives who are PKK members in Paitana village enthusiastically participating in this training. There were 25 young women, mothers, and housewives. To understand the importance of processing lokal corn food to produce dodol products with high nutritional and economic value that can be sold on the market. Understanding the importance of marketing lokal Paitana corn dodol food-processing products with economic value. understand the importance of simple bookkeeping and household financial reports, so that business bookkeeping and household financial records can be carried out with business financial records. Limitations: Limited facilities and infrastructure, and participants who attended are limited to 25 people, as proposed. The packaging is still done using a simple design, and the dodol produced has not been marketed because it is still on a household training scale and there is no business permit. Contribution: This service is beneficial for the community, which processes the lokal potential of the region into family income and improves the community's economy.

Pendampingan Pengelolaan dan Pelaporan Keuangan Pondok Pesantren Al-Firdaus

Purpose: Presentation of Islamic boarding school financial reports is not in accordance with the Islamic Boarding School Financial Guidelines mandated by Bank Indonesia (BI) and the Indonesian Association of Accountants. Method: The tools used in this community service activity included laptops, LCDs, and accounting software. Office Excel, financial forms, and forms. Results: Indicators of the success of this activity can be identified in two stages of evaluation: initial evaluation and evaluation of the results. An initial evaluation was conducted by presenting interim financial reports based on simulation data from January 2022. The aim is to ensure that the forms are filled correctly and that the transactions reported in these forms are properly recorded in the journal. The results were evaluated to determine and ensure that all data entered were presented correctly and in accordance with Islamic boarding school accounting guidelines. Limitations: The lack of knowledge and educational background of administrative staff from non-accounting causes obstacles. Contribution: The results of the activity show that there is an increase in the understanding of employees in the finance departments of schools and Islamic boarding schools. This was evidenced by the enthusiasm of the participants in the question-and-answer form and discussion. Workshop participants were willing to carry out follow-up activities in the form of financial management assistance for schools and Islamic boarding schools in the future.

Pendampingan Pencegahan Stunting melalui Intervensi Gizi Spesifik di Desa Mekar Sari Kecamatan Tatah Makmur Kabupaten Banjar

Purpose: The aim of this community service is to prevent the occurrence and increase of stunting through assistance with specific nutritional interventions in Mekar Sari Village, Tatah Makmur District, Banjar Regency. Methodology: Prevention assistance was carried out through counseling and providing education and information to pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and mothers with toddlers. The implementation of activities was also carried out in stages, including on September 22, 2023, counseling was given and provision of nutritious food and vegetables, continuously on October 4, 2023, was carried out at the same time as Posyandu activities by providing counseling and intake of vitamins and protein (milk and eggs). Results: The results of community service showed that participants knew and understood stunting and the factors that caused it; however, prevention methods that were not implemented led to an increase in the stunting rate in Mekar Sari Village, reaching 11 children from examination data until October 2023. The results of this activity also showed an increase in participants’ understanding. Protein and vitamin intake is one way to prevent stunting. Limitations: This activity was carried out on only 32 target people, including pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and mothers with toddlers. Contribution: The counseling and assistance activities for the Mekar Sari Village community need to be carried out consistently because they contribute to increased awareness of health problems, especially stunting prevention, in order to reduce the stunting rate.

Memajukan Ekonomi melalui Pemanfaatan Biogas dari Kotoran Sapi di Desa Makmur Sejahtera

Purpose: The utilization of cow feces as an alternative energy source, namely biogas, is a substitute for fossil fuels for humans for environmental sustainability. The purpose of this service activity is to form an asset-based community that is driven by community or society. Methodology/approach: The service is located in Makmur Sejahtera Village, Gunung Sahilan District, Kampar Regency. The cattle breeder community in this village consisted of 31 heads of families with more than 150 cattle. The method chosen for this service activity was the ABCD method. Results/findings: The results of this community service show community awareness of the use of cow dung in biogas. The main aim is to improve the community's economy in addition to making an effort to save the environment sustainably. BUMDes Sejahtera Bersama, owned by Makmur Sejahtera, has not been able to manage biogas or become a container because it is feared that it will not be managed well, and that access is far from reactors that are already in production. Conclusion: Failures in reactors are discussed to find practical solutions that can be implemented immediately, namely, by looking for reactor leaks and waiting longer for biogas production. Limitation: This service only involves smaller community groups, and the amount of cow feces is reduced owing to the increasing demand for beef. Contribution: This community service is able to increase public awareness of the use of cow dung in biogas, and in the future, the village government is committed to developing the community to improve the community's economy.