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Penguatan Kapasitas Ibu Rumah Tangga Melalui Pemanfaatan Tanaman Obat Keluarga di Desa Kerinjing Kecamatan Tanjung Raja Kabupaten Ogan Ilir

Purpose: The Community Service Program (PKM) is located in Kerinjing Village, Tanjung Raja District, Ogan Ilir Regency. The targeted target audiences are housewives in the village. This activity aims to: (1) socialize the potential benefits of family medicinal plants (TOGA) as healthy drinks that can increase income, (2) socialize the correct way of planting family medicinal plants so that the quality is better, arousing the motivation of the target community to develop family medicinal plat processing. Method: The methods applied in this training include counseling on several theories that support the potential and composition of family medicinal plants, how to plant and process medicinal plants into various beverage processed products, suitable packaging methods, practice, and assistance. Community service activities are carried out through lectures and demonstrations. Results: The output produced from this activity include: (1) increased knowledge and skills of housewives regarding the use and processing of family medicinal plants, (2) increased knowledge of how to plant and pack good products, and (3) increased motivation for developing a business to use family medicinal plants.  Conclusions: After the activity, there is an increase in knowledge and skills to develop a business to use family medicinal plants, their potential, and how to process them into healthy drink products, as well as proper packaging methods. In addition, this activity also increases the motivation of housewives who are participants to develop businesses in the field of beverage products based on family medicinal plants.
Ahmad Maulana, Nurkardina Novalia, Wahyu Aji Wijaya

Pelatihan Zoom Meetings dan Streaming Youtube untuk Pengembangan Komunitas Ngaji Online

Purpose: This community service aims to improve skills and provide knowledge for majelis taklim members about using Zoom meeting for the virtual event and broadcasting virtual events through Youtube streaming service in Malaka Jaya District, Jakarta City. Method: This community service applied an interactive method with survey location, finding community problems with interview methods and training methods to provide knowledge and improve the majelis taklim community of Malaka Jaya District, Jakarta City. Results: Organizing online meetings with Zoom meetings can provide solutions to majelis taklim community during the Covid-19 pandemic, where the implementation of studies can still be held without face-to-face. It supports government movements to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. In addition, broadcasting a study event by streaming on a Youtube channel can have a broad impact on the general public.  Conclusion: Training on Zoom meetings and Youtube streaming can develop a wider online islamic learning community.
Nada Arina Romli, Dini Safitri, Suci Nurpratiwi, Lukman Hakim

Pelatihan Kepemimpinan Berbasis Nilai-Nilai Islam pada Siswa SMA LPP UMI Makassar

Purpose: The increase in issues among high school students tends to form their character (unproductively) negatively, and a lack of understanding of religion and leadership is suspected to be contributing. In response to this phenomenon, this program aimed to deliver a leadership development program based on Islamic values to the management of LPP UMI Makassar’s OSIS board. Research Methodology: This internal community service method combines lecture, discussion, and evaluation approaches to achieve the best results. The evaluation technique is collected through questionnaires covering elements pertaining to Islamic leadership based on Nabi Muhammad SAW. This questionnaire was then issued to ascertain their level of comprehension of the material presented. This program attracted 27 students, representing 81.8 percent of the total student council board of SMA LPP UMI, Makassar. Results: The program’s findings indicated that participants better understood the concepts and attributes of leadership in the Islamic paradigm. In addition, the results also showed that the dimension of Sidiq’s character (honesty) has the highest average score (4.48), meaning that the students of LPP UMI Makassar consider honesty as the most important thing that leaders must have in the concept of Islam. Conclusion: This outcome is designed to instill an Islamic leadership attitude in SMA UMI’s student council students, enabling them to contribute positively to Indonesia in the future.
Muhammad Ashoer, Muhammad Fadhil, Jafar Basalamah, Muh. Reza Ramdhani

Penerapan Digital Marketing sebagai Strategi Pengembangan Usaha Ternak Tikus Putih

Purpose: This community service aimed to provide counseling on utilizing technological advances at the Bikul Bali White Rat Farm Business for marketing purposes. Method: Thee methods applied were accompaniment counseling on technological advances, lectures, and direct practice by applying digital marketing to reach and get new consumers. Result: The Partner understands the importance of implementing digital marketing and is confident in promoting their white rats through the marketplace even though there are extra costs for promotion. Conclusion: This community service activity has a positive impact as an additional knowledge of partners in understanding digital marketing. The partner now takes advantage of the availability of the marketplace as a medium for selling as a form of application of digital marketing and starting to reach new potential consumers who are accustomed to using marketplaces in shopping.
Candra Ahmadi, Dadang Hermawan, Srinadi N L P, Kusuma T M

Pengembangan Kreativitas dan Produktivitas Siswa-Siswi Sekolah Dasar Islam Al-Azhar 8 Kembangan Jakarta Barat melalui Program Media Creative Class

Purpose: This activity aimed to add, improve, and sharpen participant's skills, develop the creativity of elementary school children, and increase their productivity during the pandemic Method: Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) approach was utilized by assessing community involvement and interest in Creative Media Class's programs. Results: As a result of this activity, participants have gained new skills such as a better understanding of how they create creative content. Not only that, but they also know about ethics in social media. Making posters/flyers / Instagram post formats and video blogs are distributed through the official social media Media Creative Class, Instagram: @medikraf and their own. Conclusion: To develop student creativity for their skills, Media Creative Class helps them optimize technology for a solution to social distancing regulations.
Kamela Ezam Qiyami, Wati Nilamsari

Strategi Pembentukan Kaderisasi Relawan Sadar Lingkungan Berbasis Technopreneurship

Purpose: This PKM aims to raise public awareness of environmental health and generate profits by utilizing household waste which has the potential as a source of technopreneurship-based creative economy which can be a strategy in suppressing waste production in Indonesia. Research Methodology: The method used in this PKM is in the form of outreach activities, counseling, training, and assistance in waste management and maggot caterpillar cultivation. Results: The result of this activity is the formation of environmentally conscious volunteers who can manage waste and cultivate maggot caterpillars in an organized, creative, and innovative manner using digital technology in their marketing Conclusions: The conclusion from the implementation of this activity is that there is a change in community behavior in managing household waste into something that is worth selling. The cadre of environmentally conscious volunteers is a community engaged in waste entrepreneurship as an effort to create an education center for waste management.
Ajeng Suci Ratnaningsih, Iis Suwartini, Isah Fitriani, Dwi Aristi, Feti Setyowati, Annisa Novasari