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Studi Ilmu Manajemen dan Organisasi (SIMO) is a scientific publication media that publishes articles in the fields of management and organization. SIMO is dedicated for sharing ideas among academicians, industries, practitioners, and policy-makers. This journal is expected to contribute to the development of science and practice related to management and organization in the future.

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Studi Ilmu Manajemen dan Organisasi (SIMO) is a scientific publication media that publishes articles in the fields of management and organization. SIMO is dedicated for sharing ideas among academicians, industries, practitioners, and policy-makers. This journal is expected to contribute to the development of science and practice related to management and organization in the future.



Pengaruh Iklim Etika terhadap Kinerja Karyawan

Purpose: This study aims to determine the effect of the ethical climate, which consists of collective moral sensitivity (moral awareness and empathic concern), collective moral judgment (self-focused and focus on others), and collective moral motivation on employee performance in private tertiary institutions in Bandar Lampung. Methodology/approach: This study uses primary data from the results of a questionnaire with a Likert scale. This quantitative research distributed questionnaires to 245 respondents from private universities in Bandar Lampung. The data analysis tool used was linear regression analysis with SPSS 25. Results/findings: The study's results show that collective moral sensitivity (moral awareness and empathic concern) does not affect performance, while collective moral judgment (focus on oneself and focus on others) and collective moral motivation affect performance. Conclusion: Based on the findings of this study, it is hoped that the leaders of private higher education can provide leadership and ethics training, build organizational member trust, build a culture of inclusiveness and proactivity, and improve a sense of belonging among organizational members.

Literature Review Pengaruh Lingkungan Kerja, Disiplin Kerja dan Komunikasi terhadap Karyawan CV. Tidar Jaya

Purpose: This study aimed to determine the performance of CV. Tidar Jaya what kind of employee performance occurs during work Constraints in the work discipline that occur in this company that cause this research to take place in a less optimal work discipline make it less able to do a job that is undertaken. In this study, we also examined the communication system and work environment; however, for these variables, everything was significant. Methodology: A literature review using the Google Scholar tool was conducted and summarized in this study. In addition to the literature review, it also used references from various written data sources. Mendley and Google Scholar were widely used to write this article. Results: The results of this study indicate that discipline is not significant for employee performance in CV. Tidar Jaya. However, in a communication system, work environment variables are significant. means that discipline becomes an obstacle in this research but is not too serious. Limitations: This literature review explains the role of work environment, discipline, and work communication on employee performance. Contribution: This research can contribute to readers and anyone who wants to conduct research on work environment, discipline, and communication on employee performance. If someone wants to conduct the research and read what happened in this research, they can better conclude what they should make.

Analisis SWOT Universitas Melaka sebagai Strategi Pengembangan Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surakarta

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to analyze the SWOT of the University of Melaka Malaysia to formulate a development strategy for the University of Nahdlatul Ulama Surakarta. Research Methodology: This type of research includes qualitative field research and uses SWOT analysis as an analytical knife. Data collection techniques included interviews, documentaries,, and observation methods from February 12 to 15, 2023 at the University of Melaka Malaysia. Results: The findings of this study indicate that four alternatives can be developed for Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surakarta: SO, WO, ST, and WT strategies. The SO strategy includes institutions, curricula, and student development. The two WO strategies covered employment, infrastructure, and student affairs. The three ST strategies are curriculum, institutions, management, and infrastructure. The four WT strategies covered infrastructure, foreign relations, employment, and student affairs. Limitation: This study focuses on two tertiary institutions, namely the University of Melaka and the University of Nahdlatul Ulama Surakarta. Contribution: First, it can be used as evaluation material for the University of Melaka. Second, it can be an opportunity for Nahdlatul Ulama University to collaborate with the University of Melaka as a higher education development strategy. Novelty: Based on the literature review that the authors explain in this article, it shows that the renewal of this research is to use the results of the SWOT analysis at Melaka University to formulate a development strategy for Nahdlatul Ulama University, Surakarta.

Pengaruh Promosi dan Kepuasan Pelanggan terhadap Loyalitas Pelanggan E-Wallet (Dana) di Kota Cimahi, Jawa Barat

Purpose: This study was motivated by an increase in Internet users in Indonesia, which is also followed by an increase in e-wallet users in Indonesia, although the increase is not as large as that of Internet users. This study examines the effects of promotion and customer satisfaction on e-wallet customer loyalty (DANA) in Cimahi City, West Java. Methodology: The research method used in this study is a descriptive and associative method. In this study, the unit of analysis was the individual, namely, the people of Cimahi City, West Java. Fifty respondents were included in this study were 50 respondents. Sampling by non-probability sampling and incidental sampling was the sampling technique used in this study. The method of analysis uses multiple linear analyses, in addition to testing the validity and reliability of the research instrument. Results: The results indicate that exogenous variables (promotion and satisfaction) have a partial or simultaneous influence on endogenous variables (customer loyalty). Limitations: This research was planned to involve users of the Cimahi City Fund application Dana, West Java, aged 20-34 years. Contribution: The implication of this research is that Dana can make promotions through social media by increasing discounts, collaborating with large merchants and holding giveaways so that customers are always satisfied with their promotions, giving rise to expectations and good performance when using Dana's e-wallet and Dana's e-wallet users. will be more loyal, because they always feel satisfied and do not switch to another e-wallet.

Determinan Penting Stock Return pada Jakarta Islamic Index (JII) ditinjau dari Faktor Makroekonomi

Purpose: This study analyzes the effect of macroeconomic factors, including inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, and money supply, on the stock return rate of the Jakarta Islamic Index (JII). Methodology/approach: The data in this study were processed using the multiple linear regression approach in SPSS 26.0. The sample includes monthly data on the Jakarta Islamic Index (JII) Sharia index for ten years from January 2013 to January 2023. Results: The analysis results prove that the exchange rate and inflation have a significant negative effect on JII stock returns. In contrast, the interest rate and money supply do not have a significant relationship with stock returns. Limitations: A low adjusted R-squared value indicates that the independent variables can only explain the limited scope of the dependent variable. Thus, it can be concluded that additional variables are required to be included in this investigation. Contribution: This study is expected to provide a reference for further research. In addition, using one of the Sharia indices in this study is expected to provide a new view to novice investors that not only shares of conventional companies are traded but also shares of Sharia companies. It is hoped that this study’s results will also help investors prospect JII stock returns to help them find the best investment decision. Novelty: Many previous studies have conducted research on stock prices using the Jakarta Islamic Index (JII). However, research on stock returns using this index has not been found.

Pengaruh Variabel Makroekonomi terhadap Return Saham Indeks Infobank15

Purpose: This study analyzes the impact of macroeconomic indicators on banking stock returns. Methodology/approach: This study utilized a quantitative approach with a hypothesis testing method as evidence of the effects of macroeconomic indicators on bank stock returns. The stock index obtained as a sample was the Infobank15 index, consisting of 15 banks in Indonesia over five years, from 2018 to 2022. To examine the relationship in the research model or the impact between variables and to fit the research model, secondary data were used. Data were analyzed using statistical software to implement the data analysis. Results: This study found that the price of the InfoBank15 index is affected either positively or negatively by money supply and exchange rate, respectively, but not by interest rate. Limitations: This research was limited by the short observation period, with limited macroeconomic indicators as the independent variable, and only one index listed in Bursa Efek Indonesia is used as research data.