Jurnal Nusantara Mengabdi

Jurnal Nusantara Mengabdi (JNM) adalah jurnal akademik yang diterbitkan oleh Penerbit Goodwood.  JNM menerima artikel hasil kegiatan pengabdian kepada masyarakat dari dosen, mahasiswa, peneliti, praktisi di seluruh penjuru Indonesia. JNM ditujukan untuk berkontribusi terhadap kemajuan dan peningkatan kesejahteraan rakyat Indonesia melalui penyediaan media penyebarluasan hasil kegiatan pengabdian yang solutif dan inovatif.

Jurnal Nusantara Mengabdi (JNM) adalah jurnal akademik yang diterbitkan oleh Penerbit Goodwood.  JNM menerima artikel hasil kegiatan pengabdian kepada masyarakat dari dosen, mahasiswa, peneliti, praktisi di seluruh penjuru Indonesia. JNM ditujukan untuk berkontribusi terhadap kemajuan dan peningkatan kesejahteraan rakyat Indonesia melalui penyediaan media penyebarluasan hasil kegiatan pengabdian yang solutif dan inovatif.



Pengenalan Berbagai Profesi Guna Memantapkan Cita-Cita Anak Sejak Dini di SD Negeri 50 Kota Palembang

Purpose: The aim of this article is to provide education to students on the importance of establishing goals from an early age. Aspirations can be determined if students already know about various professions. The types of work that require education and special skills are known as professions. Therefore, many children do not prepare for what they will become in the future. Methodology/approach: The strategy used to provide knowledge regarding the introduction of various professions is to give direct lectures about various professions, equipped with their advantages and abilities that must be possessed and prepared from an early age. Results/findings: Through discussions with participants, the service team received information that, on average, students only knew about their profession, but did not yet know how to achieve these goals. In addition, many students still do not know the profession of private employees such as company supervisors or BUMN employees. They know only the professions they often see, such as teachers, doctors, police, and traders. This was discovered during the question-and-answer discussions during socialization. Explained the material from the head of service explaining the abilities that must be possessed if students want to become people in this profession Limitation: This service still needs to be improved with further activities to provide more enthusiasm so that children can be enthusiastic about pursuing their dreams Contribution: We would like to express our gratitude for the assistance and cooperation from SD Negeri 50 Palembang for the permission given to the community service team.

Penyuluhan Penyakit Tidak Menular (PTM) di Desa Adainasnosen Kabupaten Biak Numfor

Purpose: To educate and enhance the knowledge of the community in Adainasnosen village, located in Biak Numfor Regency, Papua Province, regarding the dangers of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). Methodology: Planned and structured counseling sessions were conducted by lecturers and students, accompanied by simple laboratory tests for the Adainasnosen village community, including the examination parameters of Blood Pressure (BP), Uric Acid, Hemoglobin (Hb), Cholesterol, and Blood Sugar. Results: Some members of the village community were found to need an immediate change in lifestyle towards a healthier direction because several laboratory examination parameters were above normal levels. Regular counseling and examinations related to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) must be implemented to effectively and comprehensively prevent these diseases. Limitations: Tools and materials fundamental for counseling inspections are limited. Hopefully, in the future, better inspection tools with a larger quantity can be utilized, enabling outreach to a greater number of village communities. Contribution: This inspection has benefits in raising awareness among the community in Adainanosen Village, Biak Numfor Regency, regarding the prevention of noncommunicable diseases.

Pencegahan Stunting dengan Edukasi dan Terapi Tuina Massage pada Balita di RW 004 RT 003 Kelurahan Bambu

Purpose: This service aims to improve the knowledge, attitudes, and skills of mothers of toddlers to prevent stunting using tuina massage. Providing tuina massage, it is hoped that it can increase appetite in toddlers and increase body weight in toddlers who experience difficulties when the toddler's appetite decreases. Research methodology: The method in this research uses assessment of toddlers who experience difficulties in fulfilling nutrition by providing pre-tests and post-tests in providing understanding to mothers of toddlers, health education to mothers and toddlers about stunting, demonstrating tuina massage to mothers of toddlers, question and answer discussions and evaluation of outreach activities health. Results: The results of community service showed significant figures after being implemented in the form of health education for mothers of toddlers with an increase in knowledge about standing by 60%, attitudes by 52%, and skills by 55%. Conclusions: Based on community service activities with the title Stunting Prevention Using Tuina Massage Education and Therapy for Toddlers in Rw 004 Rt 003 Bambu Apus Village, East Jakarta, it can be concluded that community service activities run smoothly and receive support from the village government, stunting prevention education using tuina massage increases knowledge, attitudes, and skills of mothers of toddlers. Community service activities by the tri dharma of higher education are useful for opening insight into preventing stunting using tuina massage to increase children's appetite. Limitations: Tuina massage should be done for 6 consecutive days, but due to time constraints it will only be done once. Contribution: This community service is expected to be a reference in scientific development for babies experiencing stunting with prevention using tuina massage. Apart from that, hopefully, it can increase further knowledge about the mechanism of tuina massage.

Webinar Penulisan Ilmiah sebagai Upaya dalam Meningkatkan Pemahaman Masyarakat terhadap Kemampuan Menulis

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to describe scientific writing webinar activities in an effort to increase public understanding of writing skills. Methodology/approach: The method used is an online field study via Zoom on September 9, 2023, with a participatory model in which scientific writing webinar activities include three important stages: planning, implementation, and evaluation. Results/findings: The results showed that the scientific writing webinar activities included a planning stage that had implications for making flyers that had to be disseminated en masse, followed by the webinar implementation stage, which consisted of opening, core activities, questions and answers, and closing, and finally the evaluation stage, which was in the form of feedback from participants to determine the level of understanding of the material and satisfaction with the webinar activities. Limitations: The limitation of this research is that only 64 people participated in the full writing webinar, and it is hoped that further research can study more participants than that, so that it is clear, detailed, and reinforces what has been produced. Contribution: This resulted in the acquisition of a percentage of material understanding level of 71.7% and the level of satisfaction of participants with the organization of the webinar was very satisfied and satisfied by 81.1%.

Pelatihan Pembuatan Curriculum Vitae dalam Bahasa Inggris yang Berbasis Application Tracking System

Purpose: One of the most important aspects of creating professional human resources in a company is the recruitment process, in which the company selects the right candidates with the skills and qualifications needed by the company. Applicants who come from college graduates must be able to adapt and be competitive to enter the world of work, and must know and understand how to format a CV that can meet company standards. In line with this, this community service activity aims to provide training in making CVs in English based on the Application Tracking System (ATS). Methodology/approach: The method used was to conduct training in making Curriculum Vitae in English based on the Application Tracking System. Results: The results of this Community Service activity showed that participants experienced increased knowledge regarding how to write a good and appropriate CV based on the Applicant Tracking Platform. Thus, with this job application preparation training, participants can be confident and have a greater opportunity to be superior to their competitors during file selection during the job application process. Limitations: This community service activity cannot identify problems or weaknesses in documents or job application files such as CVs. This training activity contributes to the community, especially students, alumni, and graduates in Bandar Lampung, who are in the process of looking for jobs to broaden their insight and improve their soft skills in writing ideal CVs, and are ATS-friendly so that they have more opportunities to get work and compete for targeted jobs. Contribution: By carrying out community service activities at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Lampung, in 2023, it can be concluded that this training activity ran well and improved community skills in writing English CVs based on the Application Tracking System, which is different from the CV they used before participating in this training activity.from the CV they used before participating this training activity.