Pengaruh Kualitas Pelayanan, Citra Merek dan Getok Tular terhadap Keputusan Pembelian Jasa

Purpose: This study aimed to analyze the effect of service quality, brand image and word of mouth on service purchase decisions. Research methodology: This type of research was descriptive. The population used in this study were all customers at Lion Parcel Kreo Branch, totaling 2,089 customers from July 2019 to September 2019. The sample used was 100 respondents, with the sampling method using probability sampling with a simple random sampling technique. Data were collected using a questionnaire and then the data were further analyzed using SPSS (Statistical Product and Service Solutions) version 20. Data analysis was performed on the Validity Test, Reliability Test, Classical Assumption Test (Normality Test, Multicollinearity Test, Heteroscedasticity Test), Correlation, Test Hypothesis (t test and F test), Coefficient of Determination and Multiple Linear Regression Analysis. Results: The results showed that, the quality of service, brand image and impact on the purchase decision of services.
Dewi Kurniasih, Elizabeth

Analisis Kelayakan Pengembangan Usaha Pasta Kangen Jupiter dan Mogot Jakarta Barat dengan Menggunakan Metode Capital Budgeting Tahun 2019-2023

Purpose: This study aimed to determine the feasibility of establishing the Pasta Kangen Jupiter dan Mogot Jakarta Barat in West Jakarta. Research methodology: The assessment is reviewed with Capital Budgeting in Optimistic, Moderate, and Pessimistic versions. Several methods include Payback Period, Net Present Value, Profitability Index, Average Rate of Return, Internal Rate of Return, dan Discounted Payback Period. Results: Based on the results of calculations using the Optimistic and Moderate Version of Capital Budgeting method, Pasta Kangen Jupiter Daan Mogot Jakarta Barat business in West Jakarta is feasible to run, while the Pessimistic Version is not feasible to run.
Ni Puthu Eka Wardani Haliasih, Pambuko Naryoto

Pengaruh Marketing Online, Kualitas Pelayanan dan Harga terhadap Kepuasan Konsumen Hotel Borobudur

Purpose: This research aimed to examine the effect of marketing online, quality of service, and price on consumer satisfaction. Research Methodology: The population in this research was consumers who stay overnight at Hotel Borobudur Jakarta. The sample in this research was 100 consumer respondents at Hotel Borobudur Jakarta. The sample selection was made using the Probability Sampling method. How do distribute questionnaires with Random Sampling and search for sample using the Slovin Formula obtained the results of 100 respondents by distributing questionnaires to consumers at Hotel Borobudur Jakarta. The analytical tool used was SPSS v.20 software and Microsoft Excel 2007 assistance. Results: This research indicates that the marketing online, quality of service and price variables have a positive and significant effect on consumer satisfaction variables.
Siska Widyawati, Ratih Puspitaningtyas Faeni

The Influence of Organizational Culture and Working Environment on Employee Performance at PT. Pusaka Ayu Bahari

Purpose: This research was conducted to determine the relationship between organizational culture and working environment on Employee Performance. Research Methodology: Data analysis utilized in this study consists of; data quality test, classical assumption test, multiple regression analysis and hypothesis testing. The number of participants in this study was 52 (employee) at PT. Pusaka Ayu Bahari (South Jakarta) uses the Incidental method and should experience working in the company. Results: The results of this study indicate that there is a significant positive partial influence of the relationship between the two independent variables, namely Organizational Culture and Working Environment on Employee Performance, result details from this study are seen as follows: that Organizational Culture has an influence towards Employee Performance. and Working Environment has an influence towards Employee Performance.
Prayoga Langgeng Basuki, Zulvia Khalid

Pengaruh Rasio Hutang terhadap Ekuitas, Rasio Saat Ini, Rasio Cepat, Peralihan Aset dan Pengembalian Aset terhadap Pertumbuhan Laba pada Perusahaan Manufaktur Sektor Industri Dasar Kimia

Purpose: This study aimed to ascertain the impact of debt-to-equity ratio, current ratio, quick ratio, total asset turnover, and return on assets on profit growth in basic industrial and chemical manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange from 2013 to 2017. Research Methodology: The population of this study consists of 69 firms, 52 of which passed the sample selection criterion using a purposive sampling technique. The data sources for this study are the financial statements of the companies sampled via This study employs multiple linear regression analysis and is conducted using the SPSS software version 20. (Statistical Product and Service Solutions). Results: The results of this study indicate that ROA has an impact on profit growth, while the current ratio, quick ratio, total asset turnover, and debt to equity ratios do not.
Mayang Puspitasari, Muhammad Nuur Farid Thoha