Jurnal Pemberdayaan Umat

Diterbitkan oleh Penerbit Goodwood, Jurnal Pemberdayaan Umat (JPU) bertujuan untuk menjadi wadah yang mampu mendiseminasi hasil/laporan kegiatan pengabdian untuk mensejahterakan kehidupan sosial masyarakat Indonesia. Jurnal Pemberdayaan Umat menerima dan menerbitkan artikel pengabdian kepada masyarakat di berbagai bidang.

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Diterbitkan oleh Penerbit Goodwood, Jurnal Pemberdayaan Umat (JPU) bertujuan untuk menjadi wadah yang mampu mendiseminasi hasil/laporan kegiatan pengabdian untuk mensejahterakan kehidupan sosial masyarakat Indonesia. Jurnal Pemberdayaan Umat menerima dan menerbitkan artikel pengabdian kepada masyarakat di berbagai bidang.



Pelatihan Aplikasi Publish or Perish (Pop) pada Mahasiswa Jurusan Akuntansi Syariah

Purpose: This community service aims to enhance the understanding of Sharia Accounting department students about using the Publish or Perish reference search application. Methodology/approach: This community service is conducted offline, with 23 participants consisting of fifth-semester Sharia Accounting students currently taking the Research Methodology course. Results/findings: The training results indicate an improvement in Sharia Accounting department students' understanding of using the PoP application. Furthermore, the participants understood how to store metadata from Mendeley or Zotero's PoP reference search application. This is evidenced by data from 23 training participants, with 13 participants stating they already understand and 5 participants stating they understand very well. Furthermore, based on the evaluation of participant worksheets, it is evident that participants have been able to find relevant previous research for their thesis proposals. Limitation: This is in line with questionnaire data where 12 participants answered that they understand, seven answered that they understand very well, three answered that they understand less, and one did not understand. Contribution: This training provides an academic contribution by providing references related to PoP training. The practical contribution of this training is that it makes it easier for students to find references in accordance with their research plans. Researchers limited this training to searching for PoP references via the Google Scholar feature.

Pemberdayaan UMKM Dekpid melalui Pembimbingan Promosi melalui Instagram dan Desain Packaging Produk

Purpose: This activity aims to assist small business, Dekpid, in creating attractive packaging and enhancing the quality of its social media content. Methodology/approach: This project follow a practical approach, using interview techniques to identify challenges faced by Dekpid and to develop the activities or programs for solving them. Ultimately, the project assists Dekpid in utilizing social media to enhance the promotion of their products through higher-quality content and provides guidance on creating packaging designs. Results/findings: The output of the activity contributes to an enhanced understanding of designing product packaging and the development of high-quality social media content to support the promotion of SMEs Dekpid on Instagram. Conclusion: Lecturers and undergraduate students are participating in initiatives aimed at boosting the competitiveness of UMKM Dekpid. These activities include the development of creative packaging designs that align with the logo, as well as the development of social media marketing content to promote the products. Limitation: One limitation of the activity was the restricted timeframe, which led to the project concluding in less than a month, resulting in a less detailed impact and a potential for better outcomes if it had a longer duration. Contribution: These program can help the growth of Dekpid as one of small businesses in Palembang. Ultimately, this growth is expected to lead to an increase in job opportunities within the area.

Sidarling: Pengolahan Sampah Organik menjadi Ecoenzyme

Purpose: This training aims to provide education to the people of Banyuajuh Village, especially to KDP housewives in order to reduce waste, especially organic waste in Banyuajuh village. Methodology/approach: The learning method carried out in this SIDARLING activity is by lecture method as well as independent practice and practice. This training was conducted by housewives, before and after conducting the training and also postest and pretest were held to measure the knowledge and understanding of housewives in Banyuajuh Village, Kamal sub-district, Bangkalan regency. Results/findings: This training was welcomed by Banyuajuh village housewives enthusiastically, this is evidenced by housewives who practice independently in every RW in Banyuajuh village. This SIDARLING activity is very helpful for housewives in reducing and processing waste, especially organic waste. Housewives can make ecoenzyme independently and the results of ecoenzyme housewives during overall mentoring have good results and the results of the postest and pretest can be said that mothers can respond to the material quickly, and are very active in conveying ideas. Limitations: This SIDARLING activity is very far-reaching so that there needs to be a limit to the problem, making this ecoenzyme can be done for environmental awareness for housewives so that the waste contained in the homes of housewives can be processed by themselves. Processing organic waste into ecoenzyme and can be processed again into derivative products. Contribution: This activity was carried out by providing training to PKK housewives in Banyuajuh Village, by produced ecoenzyme from organic waste. Organic waste is one type of waste that is often disposed of and not used properly, so SIDARLING can make housewives aware to process organic waste into ecoenzymes.

Edukasi Postur Tubuh untuk Nyeri Punggung Bawah di Posyandu Lansia Wulandari

urpose: Elderly are in the last phase of growth and experience a natural aging process characterised by changes in anatomy, physisiology and psychology, putting them at risk of low back pain. This community service activity aims to increase elderly knowledge related to low back pain, especially how to prevent it through good and correct posture and exercises at home to reduce the symstoms experienced. Methodology: The method given in this counselling activity uses lecture and demonstration methods through poster media. The activity was held on September 28, 2023 at Pos Lansia Sehat Kelurahan Timuran, Surakarta. Evaluation was carried out using a questionnaire before and after the provision of extention materials. Results/findings: Based on the results of the questionnaire evaluation, the average value is 41% and respondents can only answer correctly three out of seven statements. This show that there are still many elderly don’t understand about low back pain. At the end of counselling session, an evaluation of the post-test questionnaire showed an increase of 23%. This increase means that the community activities carried out provide an understanding of low back pain to respondents. Limitation: This counseling activity is limited to discussions related to lower back pain which is only explained in general terms so that other things such as body posture and exercises that can be done at home need to be conveyed in more depth. Contribution: Community activities related to low back pain have increase knowledge of the elderly in the posyandu lansia wulandari.

Pelatihan Manajemen Risiko dan Pendampingan Solusi Hukum bagi UMKM di Kota Bandar Lampung

Purpose: This community service activity aims to provide training for MSMEs in Bandar Lampung regarding risk management in business development, business licensing procedures, and IPR registration as well as bridging free legal aid institutions for MSMEs who need legal assistance. Methodology/approach: This community service activity is conducted in the form of training related to legal literacy for MSMEs in Bandar Lampung. Results/findings: The pre-test and post-test showed that the participants' knowledge before socialization was 57%, and increased by 19%, that is, 76%. In this way, partners are more aware of the importance of having a business license and mitigating risks in running a business, as well as other benefits, such as securing legal protection and running business operations safely. In addition, it can make it easier to develop your business, such as collaborating with other business actors, and making it easier to export and import products. Limitation: The limitation of this community service activity is that it looks into the problem faced by MSMEs in Bandar Lampung, which does not have a business license to run the business. Contribution: Partners gain a better understanding of the legal problems and solutions for MSMEs, such as how to make it easier to borrow funds from banks. Other benefits include the provision of business assistance by the government.

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