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Dampak penggunaan gadget terhadap kepribadian anak sekolah dasar: studi kasus pada siswa ‘X’

Purpose: This study aimed to determine the extent of the influence of gadgets on elementary school children, especially in the aspect of personality, as well as how parents' efforts in providing supervision and direction for their children. Research methodology: This type of research is qualitative with the case study method. The instruments used were observation, interviews, and documentation. Meanwhile, for data analysis, researchers used descriptive-analytic techniques. The data analyzed is then tested for validity using the credibility, transferability, dependability, and confirmability tests. Results: The results of this study indicate that there is an effect of gadgets on children's personalities, including temperament, indifference, a fast-developing mindset without appropriate stages, love to share, and be creative. Limitations: This research is far from perfect; the author realizes that there are limitations in the research process, one of which is that the subject and object of research are only taken within the scope of the family. Contribution: This research is expected to be useful in the world of education, especially educators and the family environment as a reference in implementing digital parenting for their children. Keywords: Gadgets, Personality, Children, Parents
Fahrul Hidayat, Hernisawati, Aprezo Pardodi Maba

Pengaruh kreativitas dan profesionalisme terhadap kinerja guru Sekolah Menengah Pertama Negeri di kecamatan Trimurjo kabupaten Lampung Tengah

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of teacher creativity and professionalism on the performance of teachers in SMP Negeri in Trimurjo district, Central Lampung regency. Research methodology: The research design is quantitative research or verification research. The method used in this research is an ex post facto approach with a correlational design. The objects of this research are creativity, professionalism and teacher performance. The study population was the teachers at the State Junior High School in Trimurjo District, with a total sample of 63 respondents. The data collection technique used a questionnaire. The analytical tool used is descriptive analysis, simple linear regression analysis and multiple linear analysis with the SPSS program. Results: The results of hypothesis testing partially have a positive and significant effect on creativity on teacher performance. There is a positive and significant effect of teacher professionalism on performance. Simultaneously the creativity and professionalism of teachers together have a positive and significant effect on teacher performance. Limitations: This study is still not optimal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so the authors cannot conduct face-to-face research and observe real school conditions. Contribution: The results of this study contribute to evaluating and improving the creativity and professionalism of teachers in Trimurjo.
Roslinawati Kasmur, Riyanto, Agus Sutanto

Pengaruh pengalaman mengajar dan motivasi mengajar terhadap profesionalisme guru taman kanak-kanak se-kecamatan Way Jepara

Purpose: This study aimed to understand the impact of teaching experience on teacher professionalism, the impact of teaching motivation on teacher professionalism, and the effect of teaching experience and teaching motivation on teaching professionalism. Research methodology: This research used a quantitative approach. The data analysis techniques used were descriptive analysis, prerequisite test; and hypothesis test. Results: The results show; 1) there is a significant influence between teaching experience on teacher professionalism and coefficient of determination teacher experience as much as 33.6% of teacher professionalism, 2) there is a significant influence between teaching motivation on teacher professionalism and determination coefficient of teacher experience as much as 57.9% of teacher professionalism; (3) teaching experience and teaching motivation significantly influence the professionalism of teachers with the influence of simultaneously variable teaching experience and teaching motivation to teacher professionalism as much as 61.7%. Limitations: The data were only collected through interviews. Contribution: The results of this study can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of education programs on improving teacher professionalism.
Reni Wiranti

Pengaruh Supervisi Akademik dan Disiplin Guru terhadap Kinerja Guru SD Negeri Sekecamatan Batanghari Kabupaten Lampung Timur

Purpose: This study aimed to determine what percentage of the influence, academic supervision, and discipline of educators on teacher performance. Research methodology: This research used quantitative methods and uses a questionnaire. Results: The results show that (1) there is an effect of X1 against Y (tcount 7,381 > ttable 1,664) and the magnitude of the influence is 41,4%, (2) There is an effect of X2 on Y (tcount 6,441 > ttable 1,664), the effect is 36,4%, (3) multiple regression test, fcount 39,781 > ftable 3,12, which means that there is an effect of academic supervision and teacher discipline together on the performance of SDN teachers in Batanghari sub-district, East Lampung district, amounting to 51.1%. Limitations: The research instrument does not yet have a balanced capacity between the factors that are used as instrument items and the seriousness of filling in the instrument, maybe the answer is not in accordance with the actual conditions. Contribution: The benefits of this research are expected, (1) as a consideration in fostering and developing teacher careers, (2) it can be used as a literature review on improving teacher discipline, (3) for the author, as a condition for completing studies at the Muhammadiyah Metro University Postgraduate Program.
Umi Sulaimah, Riyanto, Sudirman Aminin

Culture Shock: Online Learning in the Covid-19 Pandemic Phase

Purpose: In this Covid-19 pandemic phase, all teaching and learning process is done by online learning. Online learning is one way the Indonesian government saves the education keep run well because all learning activities are done at home. However, the effect of this activity makes the students shocked. Not only the students but also the parents and the teacher feel the culture shock because of online learning: many advantages and disadvantages to online learning for students. This study gives some solutions for every challenge from online learning in the Covid-19 pandemic. Research methodology: This is a review paper. Results: This article elaborates on the psychological impact of online learning on students. Limitations: This study only tells about the culture shock of online learning for students, teachers, and parents. Contribution: This article can be helpful for school in adding information about the culture shock of online learning and how to solve it.
Dewi Sri kuning

Online English Learning during Covid-19 Pandemic

Purpose: This article aims to describe English learning in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era. This article also explains the importance of the Internet in the learning process and the importance of parents in the development of students in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era. Research methodology: This study used a descriptive method. Results: This study suggests that parents should motivate their children in this situation because the learning process is carried out at home, and only parents can directly monitor the learning process. Limitations: This study has limitations. It is the information of parents who guide their students in the learning process, especially English Subject in the Covid-19 pandemic. Contribution: The study is beneficial for teachers and parents to conduct a better learning strategy during Covid -19 pandemic. 
Dewi Sartipa