Jurnal Pemberdayaan Ekonomi

Jurnal Pemberdayaan Ekonomi (JPE) adalah Jurnal bertaraf nasional yang diterbitkan oleh Penerbit Goodwood. Jurnal ini menerbitkan artikel hasil kegiatan pengabdian kepada masyarakat khususnya di bidang ekonomi dari dosen, mahasiswa serta praktisi di seluruh Indonesia. JPE diharapkan mampu menjadi wadah bagi artikel-artikel pengabdian berkualitas yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan dan mengembangkan perekonomian masyarakat Indonesia dengan lebih optimal.

Jurnal Pemberdayaan Ekonomi (JPE) adalah Jurnal bertaraf nasional yang diterbitkan oleh Penerbit Goodwood. Jurnal ini menerbitkan artikel hasil kegiatan pengabdian kepada masyarakat khususnya di bidang ekonomi dari dosen, mahasiswa serta praktisi di seluruh Indonesia. JPE diharapkan mampu menjadi wadah bagi artikel-artikel pengabdian berkualitas yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan dan mengembangkan perekonomian masyarakat Indonesia dengan lebih optimal.



Pembelajaran Struktur Data Berbasis Visualisasi dengan Menggunakan Visualgo.Net

Purpose: The purpose of the activity include preparing Prambanan Sleman High School students who will take part in the National Science Competition, especially in the field of Informatics. One of the preparations made is assistance on data structure material. Data structure is an important material in learning programming. Method: The activity method is provided by providing assistance in the process of providing data structure material that is adjusted to the syllabus including primitive data types, arrays, strings, stacks, queues, binary heaps, disjoint sets and segment trees. The material is packed with visualization-based explanations. Visualization learning is given using the visualgo.net application. Result: By using visualization, students who take part in the mentoring have experience of the process and logic in creating and understanding data structures. The results of the implementation, students get data structure material based on visualgo.net and explained how the data structure algorithm process is related to visualization-based. Conclusion: Data structure learning is given by using the visualgo.net application. Visualgo.net can help students in the process of studying data structure material. Visualization-based learning in studying data structure material is very helpful in the process of learning programming material. In this activity, students get an explanation of the algorithm used in the data structure, both with theory and with visualization-based explanations.

Pembinaan Potensi Ekonomi Kreatif melalui Pendekatan Kelembagaan

Purpose: This activity aims to increase public understanding and knowledge about community empowerment through fostering creative economic potential by utilizing existing  institutions in the village. Methods: The methods used in this community service activity are training, mentoring and consultation, also monitoring and evaluating. Results: The activity can increase participants' knowledge about the creative economy potential that can be utilized by the community, increase public awareness to play an active role through empowerment and optimal utilization of the village institutions to improve the economy and achieve the citizens' welfare of Penengahan Village, Way Khilau, Pesawaran. The training activities carried out succeeded in increasing public understanding of the creative economy potential through village institutions. Mentoring activities are needed to continue motivating the trainees and providing alternatives and solutions for the community to face their problems. Contribution: This activity helps to strengthen the capacity of the village institutions and the dynamic interaction between the managers of the village institutions and the village community

Bank Sampah untuk Kesejahteraan dan Ekonomi Masyarakat di Desa Kota Daro II Ogan Ilir

Purpose: The purpose is to create benefits from waste management to gain value-added. Furthermore, this activity will provide insight for the development of potential waste that has market value by managing it through a waste bank. Research methodology: The method used is to develop awareness/attitude for housewives regarding the value-added of waste with the target of approximately 20-30 respondens. This activity is carried out by direct meeting to the dedication site by communication and face-to-face interaction with villagers to seek cooperation in the activity. Result: The result of this activity is training on making eco-enzyme compost and utilizing waste into interesting handicrafts. Limitations: Rural communities still don’t know much about the use and management of waste that can be a blessing, so that in implementing long-term activities this is quite difficult to carry out. Contribution: The contribution of this activity, the Kota Daro villagers can be more independent and creative so that awareness, knowledge and skills are formed and eventually encourage participation in waste management in their environment.

Penerapan Prinsip Kekeluargaan dan Kegotongroyongan dalam Pengelolaan Badan Usaha Milik Desa pada Masa Pandemi

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to describe how the application of the principle of kinship and mutual cooperation in Village Owned Enterprises (BUM Desa) during the Covid-19 pandemic. Method: This study uses a qualitative-descriptive method. Data collection techniques by observing objects as full observers, face-to-face interviews, and collecting documents. The case study research method was chosen as the research method. The research location is BUM Desa Karya Lestari Manunggal which is located in Kemasan Village, Sawit District, Boyolali Regency. The data analysis used is data reduction, data presentation, and making conclusions. Results: Most of the BUM Desa management practices carried out by operational implementers have complied with the principles of kinship and mutual cooperation, except for professional principles which have not been fully implemented. Conclusions: The conclusion obtained is that although the management of BUM Desa has been carried out quite well by operational implementers, it still has problems due to pandemic which has caused the closure of business units that manage water tourism.

Peningkatan Pemahaman Mahasiswa Jurusan Akuntansi Syariah tentang Teknik Penentuan Informan untuk Riset Akuntansi Budaya

Purpose: This training aims to improve understanding and implementation of the use of qualitative methods focused on discussing informant determination techniques for cultural accounting research. Method: The presenters divided the training method into three parts; first, an explanation of the technique of determining informants; second, an illustration of the technique of determining informants in the type of qualitative research; third, training in informant determination techniques in the type of qualitative research for cultural accounting research. Results: The results of the first stage of the evaluation find that 10 out of 25 students majoring in Islamic accounting are interested in raising the theme of cultural accounting research; the second stage of evaluation, shows that the participants have understood the concept of informant selection techniques; the third stage evaluation resulted in participants having been able to implement the concept of informant selection techniques in the design of cultural accounting research. Conclusions: The results of the training showed that there was an increase in participants' understanding of the determination of informant techniques for cultural accounting research.

Penerapan Teknologi Chatbot Whatsapp untuk Meningkatkan Pelayanan dan Jaringan Bisnis

Purpose: SMEs is one of the drivers Indonesian economy.  Hence, SMEs must have a good customer service. Service is an important aspect  in business activities. Excellent service is the spearhead in capturing opportunities and understanding clients from the products and services offered. If the service provided is satisfactory and friendly, the client will continue to use the services we offer. The purpose of this community service activity is to increase the application of science and technology which can help the partners of the SME community of Asyik Suka in an effort to increase the productivity of product sales by improving customer service using chatbot tools, Method: To be able to improve services by implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form of chatbots that replace customer service to serve questions about service products offered by business people. The application of chatbots can help consumers learn about the products offered. By utilizing Chatbot, business people are able to provide services to customers for 24 hours, this chatbot technology can also save service costs and improve the quality of customer experience. Apart from that, Chatbots are also able to increase sales targets and support lead generation. This service activity provides knowledge and training on how to use chatbots for business actors. Results: Participants understand the service method with the application of Chatbot and its benefits, understand how to inimanage creating and implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form of chatbots and social media support applications, and PKM participants can understand the various types of advantages of using chatbot technology through the features/menus on the menu. Applications and their functions. Conclusion: The positive response from the participants that join this public service indicate this PKM is able to activate the SME Asyik Suka Community to improve their service. Also improvement of using chatbot science application and technology to help business process, especially on the product services.